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Mountfield S46 PD Li 80v (2016) used

With this high-end cordless mower from acclaimed British Mountfield you will get genuine petrol-equivalent power with none of the dirt, noise, starting-trouble and maintenance-hassle.

Its exceptional power is thanks to its 80v 4Ah lithium-ion battery that is fast-charging and long-lasting; and which is not subject to the self-discharge and memory-effect problems that dog lower-tech Ni-cad and lead-acid cells.

Unusually for a battery-driven mower, the Mountfield S46-PD LI has a power-drive; a desirable feature if your lawn has slopes and/or rough areas that would be hard work to negotiate with a push-type machine.

It offers dual mowing-modes (bag/mulch), so you can select the one that is most effective for the conditions; and its equipped with large-diameter drive-wheels that make it far easier to manoeuvre in long grass (all four wheels are mounted on ball-bearings for durability).

Built around a steel rather than plastic chassis, the Mountfield S46-PD LI Cordless Lawnmower offers an impressively lengthy service-life.

A collector full indicator advises you when the bag is at its generous 60-litre capacity so as to avoid overfilling and spillage; while a hard-top on the collector works to stop dust and pollen-particles rising into the operators face during very dry weather.

Also featured is a wide-ranging five-step cutting-height, which is super-simple to set using only one lever.

A genuine petrol-equivalent cordless lawnmower employing cutting-edge Li-Ion battery technology
Built around the same steel deck found on Mountfields petrol-powered mowers
Power-drive for the low-effort coverage of slopes and rough ground
Two mowing-modes � bag or mulch your cut-grass
Large-capacity hard-top collector with handy bag full indicator
Smooth-rolling and long-lasting ball-bearing wheels
Five-stage height-of-cut range means you can adapt to the conditions
Durable brushless motor

Charger and (4 amp) Battery Included in this sale

Price : £229.00 In Vat
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